Cell Phone Trackers – A Friend and Not a Foe

Many people are getting too skeptical about the proliferation of mobile spy software with the infringement of privacy issues being raised to bolster down the growing number of people who are using the application in their mobile phone. However, there are many reported incidence proving how a cell phone tracker can be very useful in terms of security features and in tracking down mobile devices, exercise better parental guidance and in tracking down robbers and thieves.


Little Detective Work Using the Mobile Technology

Just this year, many reported incidence of thefts were already reported and many thieves and robbers were apprehended with the help of mobile tracking software. By merely tracking down the stolen phone, one can easily find where the stolen device is taken and it can also lead the police authorities to the perpetrators of a robbery or theft. Police detectives recognize how this kind of mobile technology becomes handy in making their detective work more efficient and easier in apprehending criminals. Relating to an incidence of carjacking in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the mobile app called “Find My Phone” also led the police authorities to track down the carjackers and apprehend them. This kind of application will help the owner of the device to remotely locate the device where the application was installed and in many cases help track down a stolen phone and find the one who have stolen it.

More than just tracking a lost cell phone

Mobile tracking software is more than just tracking a lost cell phone. There are growing numbers of businessmen and parents who are using their mobile device in tracking down their business and children. According to the Mobile Statics of 2013 as reported in MobiThinking, there are about more than 6 million of global mobile users. The statistics grow and even children have become mobile savvy these days. Mobile applications come in different features and purpose and no one can deny how mobile technology made businesses easier to manage and communication made even faster. Business people now use a cell phone tracker to monitor business transactions and employee productivity. In fact, in a study among the Kenyan population, it appears that the majority of Kenyans are using a mobile device in business and personal use. It is just a matter of time that the use of a cell phone tracker will become a popular application that will be used by most mobile users. The GFI Software also made a study among the mobile consumers and reported that the majority of users are using their cell phone in tracking and monitoring their family members.

Mobile security features worthy of investment

Consumers, as they embrace the modern era of technology, are getting used to relying on their mobile device in almost everything that they do. From organizing their daily schedule and activities, managing their business, accessing the internet and keeping tabs on family members, a mobile phone has become a very handy tool to use for business and personal transactions, communication and managing our daily routine schedules. A cell phone tracker eliminates the need of having to pay for a new cell phone whenever you lost your device. You can easily track down your phone as well as the person who has it for keeping. Many of the mobile users store important data from their mobile device and the risk is high for it to become vulnerable the moment the device gets into the wrong hands. The GFI Software general manager Mark Patton remarked that mobile users should become more mindful about protecting the personal and private data stored in their mobile phones. Having a cell phone tracking application installed on your precious phone will give you the option to remotely delete all important data stored in your phone thus the application becomes a worthy investment in protecting valuable information stored in a stolen device.