Keeping An Eye on Employees Using Modern Technology to Improve Business Productivity

If you think that only employees are responsible for their own productivity, you are mistaken. Employers actually have the control with regards to the productivity of their employees. Employers are usually implementing policies to ensure that their employees are well guided about attaining the company goals and objectives by providing guidelines and company policies that ensure the growth of the company. Just how well these policies are implemented will define the success of improving one’s business productivity.

Concept of Hand with Electronic Fingerprints

 Monitoring employee productivity the traditional way

 Companies are known to impose strict regulations about how the employees perform their job responsibilities. Company policies usually define the do’s and don’ts that employees need to observe during working hours. Some of the prohibited activities include using the office computer and resources for checking personal emails, engaging in personal chat conversations, watching video streams and checking social media accounts as among others. Employers employ the use of technology such as computer monitoring software to ensure that employees don’t abuse their work hours for personal online activities and devote more serious time in getting some work done to improve their productivity.

It is also customary for companies to use a biometric system for ensuring the accurate recording of attendance of employees and also install surveillance cameras and monitoring systems across the workplace to monitor employee productivity and activities while at work. However, as the current demand and trend in business services, employers need to deliver their services beyond the four corners of the workplace and these surveillance technologies that aim to monitor employee activity may no longer suffice to monitor employee’s performance remotely from the workplace. This is highly significant among service delivery businesses where employees are required to leave the workplace to deliver orders of their customers straight to their doorsteps for instance.

 Modern Technology for monitoring employee productivity remotely

The traditional monitoring technologies like the computer monitoring software, biometric system and surveillance cameras are no longer practical surveillance technology for employees who are sent on the field to do their jobs. Employers are now adapting to the changing trends of doing business where services go beyond the workplace and employees are sent out to do some field work. In line with this changing trend of doing business, they also use modern technologies that are more capable and flexible in monitoring employee productivity such as using cell phone tracking software to monitor the productivity of employees who are always on the go.

While a CCTV camera cannot go with your delivery team, a Smartphone monitoring program can such as the Android Spy. It is capable of tracking down the whereabouts of your employee, allowing you to closely monitor the time of delivery of your goods and knowing the location of your employee at all times, ensuring that company resources are not wasted with their own personal stopovers to do non-employment related activities while away from your scrutinizing eyes inside the workplace. Mobile spy programs like this can empower employers to have more control on employee productivity by closely monitoring company issued phones to their employees that gives timely reports on data that are important for company owners in monitoring the productivity of their employees.