Parental Controls over the Internet Attempt to Put in Their Way

The advancement of technology has taken parental controls from being used only on computers to applying the same restrictions on cell phones and other various mobile devices currently on the market.  Cell phone tracking app has been developed from just filtering malicious spy programs to allowing parents to restrict the websites that their children can access through any mobile device.

Parental Controls over the Internet Attempt to Put in Their Way

What are the advantages of Parental Controls?

Cell phones and many mobile devices nowadays have great capabilities that will not only keep you and your children online on a 24/7 basis but will also bring you conveniences like being able to take great pictures, keeping your activities and appointments on a calendar and allow you to access the web and be entertained while you wait for your kids to come out from school.  While you may want to introduce your kids to these conveniences and fun by giving them a mobile device of their own, it is best that you install parental control software that will allow your children to access only the appropriate websites for their age.  You would not want them to access pornographic websites or those that will not bring positive education for your children.

Limiting the websites that your children can access is only one feature of parental control.  You also have the option of blocking picture messages from being received just to give you that extra precaution that your kids will not receive obscene or violent pictures through their mobile device.  You will also have the capability of limiting the hours of surfing so that your children will not access the internet during class or study hours.

What are the disadvantages of Parental Controls?

While it will give you the peace of mind that you are able to limit the type of data that your children consume through the internet, it might also give them the feeling that you are being too restrictive of them.  This type of treatment especially children in their teenage years, may somehow develop resentment in them.  As kids grow up, they want more and more freedom on what they can do.  This is also true about their web experience.  They want to be able to explore new things and be able to decide for themselves which website to visit.  Parental control may only be applicable to younger people and not with teenagers.  You may allow your teenagers the freedom to visit any website but you may want to keep limiting the number of hours they can surf the internet so as not to distract them from studying.

You and your children’s experience with the different parental control software available will be a positive one if you will give the time to properly explain to your children why you are doing it.  You may want to protect your kids and you may find it the need to use protective measures such as installing cell phone spyware on their mobile phone but they should slowly be able to make decisions for themselves as they grow up.  You may want to discuss the parental control features of a cell phone with your service provider and how you can customize or change it along the way that will fit the age of your children.