Are Smartphones An Unhealthy Technology for Children?

Cell phones have made our everyday life more convenient and meaningful. With the cellular technology, people from different parts of the world can actually communicate and stay in touch easier as the technology transcends the barriers of geography and distance. With the advent of modern cellular technology such as Smartphones, it is easier to do business, make research and keep yourself informed about the world, as well as keeping your child busy at night, perhaps unreasonably for that matter. While adults find a lot of benefits from using the Smartphone technology, children are getting more vulnerable of becoming exposed to unseen threats, making them prone to many dangers. It also becomes an unhealthy habit for children to be up all night with so many things that they can do with their mobile phones.

What parents should be concerned about?

Parents understand how beneficial to have their children use Smartphones as a means of keeping in touch with their children 24/7 but with the numerous modern features that come with every Smartphone, it is high time to recognize the harm that it can cause to your child. Children become more prone to cyber bullying from the blogs of other children and your child can easily access mobile blogs directly from their phones. Becoming exposed to blogs that bully children can have a negative effect to your child and you should be more aware about your child’s mobile activities especially in learning whether they have been engaged in this kind of activity or worse may be the prey of a cyber bully case.

Young Girls Operating Cell Phones with a Young Boy (10-14) Standing Behind Them

 With Smartphones with a built in camera becoming cheap these days, parents find it appealing to buy their children with one. However, it is important to educate your child to use the cell phone features more responsibly. Children at a vulnerable age might be enticed to innocently share a naked picture of their self to others or become engaged in sexting and other similar indecent activities. Children also tend to sleep late at night because they are too engrossed in chatting with friends and busy with their social media networks. At times, these kind of activities are not healthy and your child losing more sleep than necessary becomes less alert and enthusiastic to study during the day and become less active in the classroom activity due to lack of sleep.

What parents can do about it?

In many cases that parents feel that these situations can become beyond their control especially when they are working parents and need to juggle their time to parenting, work, family and personal responsibilities. However, owing to the serious and unhealthy effects that this can cause to their child, parents should consider it a priority to educate their children about how to use Smartphones more responsibly. It also helps to set some rules that your children should abide when using the mobile technology. Using cell phone spyware programs will also make parenting easier as the technology can exercise better monitoring and control on how their child use their Smartphone, keeping them aware about their child’s mobile activities 24/7.