Spy Software Companies Working to Help NSA

Spy software is more than just a mobile tracking program. It is now being used for aiding federal surveillance agencies in their monitoring activities. While a spyware on mobile is being used mostly by private individuals and companies for personal and business purposes, there are more benefits, features and advantages that are derived from using the mobile spy software. According to reports, the National Security Agency or NSA is one among the government agencies that use the spy software programs in tracking down US citizens. This report has stirred privacy concerns among the US citizens and there are many implications raised against its use by the NSA for their surveillance activity.

Spy Software Companies Working to Help NSA

What Mobile Spy Software Can Do

The NSA found several means by which the spy software programs can be helpful and useful to them. It is capable of monitoring Google related traffic such as Google maps and browsing history and all telephone calls that are made on the tracked mobile device. With the help of the modern mobile spy programs, the NSA can continuously track and monitor devices even when they are turned off. Many irate citizens find it quite compelling to raise the issues of invasion of privacy because the NSA can possibly abuse the use of mobile spyware beyond its official use. The NSA can integrate their XKeyscore Program that stores all the data that will be searchable to the NSA officials.

Spy Software Companies Aiding Surveillance of Government Agencies like the NSA

There is no denying that the NSA is indeed undertaking surveillance activities that monitor mobile devices of their target subjects using the mobile spyware programs. This is confirmed by the statistics on how the NSA secures the assistance of spy software companies like Verizon that provides support and aid in the NSA’s surveillance undertakings. The government agencies using spy software programs for mobile in tracking down their subjects is using the Patriot Act Section 215 as justification on this surveillance and spying activities. With Verizon connecting to at least one billion of calls daily, the NSA has the highest chance of accessing the device activities of their target subjects.

What the statistics tell us

In 2005, the NSA initiated warrantless wiretap programs to monitor and extract information from emails and calls at the international level. In 2006, the FBI was able to use a virus that can be downloaded on their tracked subject’s mobile device to obtain close monitoring on their mobile activities. By 2013, the use of mobile spy software was upheld by the court and a warrantless location tracking activity is deemed legal in New Jersey. Companies like Verizon are also allegedly providing assistance to government surveillance agencies like the NSA and they are provided with suit immunity for their cooperation.

Are these activities legal?

Unfortunately for those who strongly oppose the use of mobile spy software for the surveillance of government agencies like the NSA on private individuals, this undertaken is justified by the court under the section 215 of the Patriot Act. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was also able to obtain an authorization from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to use the data that they obtain from tracking software in aiding their investigations.