Cell Phone Tracker and Cell Phone Spy

How does it work?

Installing the application is fairly easy. You will just need access to the target device to download the software and put it in place. Once everything is installed, the application icon would be hidden so no one can know your are spying on their phone.

Login. You can then monitor what is going on in the target phone along with various vital data available by accessing a secured control panel through your computer.

Netspy Mobile tracking system is definitely an advance application that can help you put your mind at ease. Whether you are a business man who wants to protect your client base against employees who might steal them from you, or a husband or wife who is suspecting their parting of cheating, this app can definitely help you.

Netspy software is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phones.


"Netspy Mobile help me to know where is my child now. It seems that I didn't know most of the things about her."
- Ronald

"Now I can easily track my spouse. I can't even believe that Netspy Mobile has such powerful features."
- Mark

"Useful and handy application that can be installed on every smartphone. It's a pity that I haven't used Netspy mobile before."
- Helen

Netspy Mobile Features

NetSpy software provides you the option to monitor the various activities listed below.
No one can see your logs since they stored in your own secured account.
You can get an access to the account using a username and password wherever you are.

Tracking Text MessagesTracking Text Messages

Read every SMS message sent or received.

  • Sender's Number
  • Recipient's Number
  • Date / Time
  • Message
Call History ReportCall History Report

Detailed report on calls.

  • Duration
  • Phone Number / Contact Name
  • Date / Time
  • Number Of Calls
GPS TrackingGPS Tracking

Locate and view the person you want.

  • Real-time Data
  • Detailed History Report
  • Fast Position Location
  • High Data Accuracy
Multimedia Files TrackingMultimedia Files Tracking

Every multimedia file can be viewed and saved.

  • Video Files Tracking
  • Photos Tracking
  • Audio Files Tracking
  • Access Deleted Files
Internet Activity TrackingInternet Activity Tracking

Track the activity of person in the internet.

  • Emails Tracking
  • You-Tube Activity Log
  • Browser History Log
  • Websites Blocking
Messenger LogsMessenger Logs

Live instant messengers monitoring.

  • See the Text Itself
  • View Chat History
  • See Contacts
  • Chat Remote Access
Contacts and Notes MonitoringContacts and Notes Monitoring

Records every SMS message sent or received.

  • Sender's Number
  • Recipient's Number
  • SMS Date / Time
  • Message Text
Application Blocking and Remote UninstallApplication Blocking and Remote Uninstall

Records every SMS message sent or received.

  • Sender's Number
  • Recipient's Number
  • SMS Date / Time
  • Message Text
SMS CommandsSMS Commands

Records every SMS message sent or received.

  • Sender's Number
  • Recipient's Number
  • SMS Date / Time
  • Message Text
LIVE Control PanelLIVE Control Panel (Optional Add-on)

Records every SMS message sent or received.

  • Sender's Number
  • Recipient's Number
  • SMS Date / Time
  • Message Text


Netspy Mobile Software prides itself with reliability being a leader in the field of tracking mobile phones. Customer satisfaction is also of foremost importance so we provide a 10-day money back guarantee. You can get a full refund of your money if you do not like the product at all and it is still within the 10-days from the purchase date.


If you want an app that can gather call history, text messages, emails, photos, videos, contacts, memos, events, browser history and more, then there should be no other software for you but Netspy Mobile. You can even use the cell phone you are tracking to record sounds and conversations on the environment where the mobile phone is. Now, cell phone spying has never been so easy and accessible.


Our tracking software is a highly sophisticated application that supports almost all types of cell phones. It is highly compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry as well as other makes and models. The procedure for installing the software on to the target device is also quite easy to follow.


Why settle for second best when it comes to mobile phone tracking? Our software is the most advance and reliable phone tracker app available in the market today. The cell phone tracking software by Netspy Mobile is much similar to those used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It boasts of it's reliability that is unparalleled to date.

Are you looking for a device or software you can use to spy on mobile phones? Well, look no further. Netspy mobile software is the best and most advance cell phone tracker that is available to everyone, everywhere. You no longer need to pay ridiculous fees to detectives if you want someone spied on. You can now do it yourself in a very discreet yet reliable way.
You can monitor almost every type of cell phones available today. May it be an Android, iPhone or Blackberry, you can easily gain access to valuable information on this mobile phones while doing it in the comfort of your own home.

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